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Surya team

We are building a school and want to give children an education in order to keep up with the growing demands of our changing world.

Jan Tilinger

Jan Tilinger, Ing.

The Chief Engineer who has created the building plans and is overseeing and supervising its construction. He has led other teams and similar projects with People In Peril and other nonprofit organizations in Nepal, Sudan and Sri Lanka. He is a civil engineer specialized in sustainable development. Working on Czech Technical University and completing his PhD thesis in nontraditional structures.

Gabriela Lágnerová

Gabriela Lágnerová, Bc.

She is ensuring the continuing relationship with the villagers, neighboring schools and local authorities. She has done extensive research within the locality and is well versed in the governmental, private and monastic educational systems. She will launch this summer's project objectives. She translates Hindi and is and devoted teacher.

Michal Kodym

Michal Kodym, Bc

He is currently studying and doing researcher at the Czech University School of Agriculture in Prague. He is surveying the Zanskar Valley region within the Himalayan range. He will be sharing new ideas in sustainable crop plantation and land usage.

Jaroslav Pechacek

Jaroslav Pechacek

Main IT technical support of team with no IT equipment.
Anyway this person is ready for any adventure related with project and he's skilled in extreme sports.



Tibetan teacher. Student of university in Delhi. Skilled in English, Ladakhi and Hindi - important for communication Surya – locals. The only employee of Surya with regular salary.

Jitka Akrmanová

Jitka Akrmanová, Ing

The project accountant. She is supervising the project's finances and is a mother of a beautiful baby boy.

Martin Peterka

Martin Peterka

A skilled carpenter, familiar with Zanskar area and local architecture. He will start a carpentry workshop and train the villagers in the necessary skills. He is trained mountaineer who can assist the local guides in a new climbing technology.


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