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Project Kargyak

Sunny School for Kargyak — Zanskar

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Welcome to Surya's Project

In 2005 the Indian Government approved the most ambitious highway construction project ever. The Zanskar Road will climb the heights of the Himalayan Passes and in horizon of 15 years will reach Kurgayk Village.

For better or worse, new ways of life are comming to Zanskar.

Our project is a source of hope, villagers will now have school for the first time.

The design of the Sunny School Building takes into an account both the physical realities and the esthetic traditions of the region. Using solar power in a region where the sun is shining 300 days out of the year is not only a sustainable solution but glaringly obvious one. The Sunny School will be the first school in Zanskar able to provide a full year education.

In Zanskar most families survive from the products of their small farms and the dhildren are needed to work in the fields especially at harvest to learn the traditional knowledge.

Kargyak Village of 200 people has only ten semi-literate citizens and is forced to send it's children to distant boarding schools even for basic education. Once gone, they rarely return, straining family relationships and eroding community values.

We propose to operate the Sunny School even in the winter months when the children will most be able to attend.

Right now Surya is just beginning the Sunny School Project and is looking to raise 75,000 Euros to build the school. We are appealing to the generosity of individuals and corporation agencies in raising this sum. And with your help we will brake ground in April 2007. Your money will be used to improve the lives of the new generation that will walk this long road.

He who saves the life saves the universe

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